Technical Links

Some links we regularly use in our business:

MAXfocus Dashboard Login

Sophos MySophos Login

Sophos MyUTM Login

Here I present some links to articles on other blogs that I have found useful:

HP Server Related

HP Warranty – Online Checking Tool (AU) : HP ONLINE WARRANTY CHECK
Setup HP System Management Homepage on Proliant:   TricksGuide Page
—  NB – page has been taken down – here’s a link to the ARCHIVE.ORG copy:

MS Office

Import NK2 into Outlook 2010 :

Office 365

Migration from GMAil to Office 365 or Hosted Exchange – using bulk IMAP migration endpoints – Article 1 | Article 2


Trouble with OWA or Exchange ActiveSync:  Try this link from Alan Hardisty’s Blog
Setup SMTP Receive Connector for Internal Copiers and Scanners : EX2013 | EX2010
Email and SPF and MX Check SPF Records Live – Kitterman
ips on Autodiscover/SVR/CNAME etc HOW-To-OUTLOOK

Delete a particular message from ALL Mailboxes : Exchange Blog Article


Common TCP/UPD Ports for ISP/Hosting: Hostgator page on Common Ports

Mail Tools

Multi RBL Checking :   MultiRBL @ VALLI

Dental Software

Dentrix – Rebuilding and fixing Network ID Issues: Article on HelpDeskComputerService Blog

SSL Certs, CSR Etc

SSL Checker – Analysis and Repairs – I have used to reform PEM text certs from emails etc
Various SSL Tools (Check, Decode, Convert – eg PEM to PFX/PKCS12)
Decode your CSR and Check your SSL – Symantec Page
More SSL Tools – CertificateSSL Tools
SSL Labs SSL Security/Strenght Testing : SSL LABS
Apply Crypto Suite Reordering / Disabling “Best Practices” to IIS : IISCRYPTO
Certificate Info and COnversion INstructions : INFO + CONVERSIONS

Sophos UTM (Astaro) Related

Useful shell commands : Sophos KBase PageMartinsBlog.DK

Outlook Web App

Redirect HTTP to HTTP for OWA Site – this online article shows how to setup a custom error that performs a 302 URL Redirect to the HTTPS page

Online Calculators

Data Transfer Calculators:  |  TechOfTheInternets
Subnet Calculator : JODIES.DE

Seagate Date Codes : Seagate Disk Date Codes


Adding SNMP devices via a PowerShell SCript – great article at HUGO L. KLEMMESTAD Blog


Wndows 10 Tips

VSS Shadow Copies - turn on : BATCMD-MakesBatchFile 
    for W10 Ent run "sc config VSS start= demand"


Other Resources and links

Online Reference Textbooks – Russian Library