Sophos UTM and Samsung Smart TV Updates
This is my site Written by Grant on November 29, 2018 – 7:16 am

I noticed my Samsung TV was a few firmware updates, and a few months, behind; although it was set to auto-update.

I tried a manual update and it detected new firmware (1132 to 1152) but would not get past about 6% to 11% of the update procedure

I opened the Sophos UTM Firewall LIVE LOG and noticed nothing in particular.  Neither did I notice anything unusual in the Sophos UTM Web Protection LIVE LOG.

The Web Protection LIVE LOG displayed all the Samsung website URL’s it was reaching out to, and I added these 4 or 5 host-names into my usual Sophos “skip MIME, skip SandStorm, Skip Size” Web Protection Exceptions rule….  with no effect

I then added the TV IP to my Web Protection | Filtering Options | Transparent Mode Skiplist in the “Skip Transparent Mode Source Hosts/Nets” list and this did the trick – the TV immediately went further than before, completed the update, rebooted and all was good.

No indications in either the Web Protection logs or the Firewall Logs…. I usually put my tricky devices into this ” Transparent Skiplist ” – things like media players and Android TV’s, Kodi etc


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