Migrate DHCP to New Server
This is my site Written by Grant on July 15, 2016 – 7:04 pm

During a recent SBS 2008 to Server 2012 R2 migration I decided to try and migrate DHCP from the old SBS to the new 2012R2 server – I normally just create an new blank DHCP, create the exclusions and then reboot all PC’s and power cycle the access points – this site had over 200 DHCP devices however, so I figured I’d research how to migradte DHCP over so I got all done in quick time

After much searching the Windows Server Migration tool seems popular; however I eventually learned it wont run on SBS variants of Windows as the SKU is different the SMigDeploy.exe fails.

I eventually found these two simple PowerShell commands that do the job

Export-DhcpServer -ComputerName OLDSERVER.dom.local -Leases -File .\dhcp.xml -verbose

Import-Dhcpserver -Leases -File .\dhcp.xml -BackupPath C:\windows\temp\ -verbose

You install DHCP role on the new server and start it up blank,  and then run this both commands on the new DHCP server in PowerShell. Then authorise the new server, restart the DHCP Service and finally disable DHCP on OLDSERVER  – done!

So simple!

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