Network Icon set to Public – cannot change Location, Icon or Name
This is my site Written by Grant on January 24, 2016 – 11:09 pm

I have noticed that under Server 2012 R2 newly detected network interfaces show up as “PUBLIC” and Windows does not let you change this to PRIVATE (or HOME) – this can lock you out if you are going in remotely as the PRIVATE setting usually has tightest firewall restrictions.

To modify this behaviour you should launch GPEDIT.MSC and edit the following local policy:

LOCAL / COMP / Windows Settings / Security Settings / Network List Manager Policies

You will find a number of entries in here; you can set the defaults for current and all new/future networks, and also change settings in current networks (eg Network1 or Network3 etc)

I usually go first to the “All Networks” policy and turn on “User can Change : Name / Location / Icon” – then I do the same for the policy that matches the particular LAN interface¬†that I am using.

Run a GPUPDATE.exe to force policy reload and you should now have full editing of Network Location icon/name/location


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