Opening Excel 2013 from Explorer shows Blank Page
This is my site Written by Grant on June 3, 2015 – 10:33 pm

OK – here’s a funny one –

Sometimes, with some Excel documents,  if you open them by DOUBLE-CLICKING them in Explorer they don’t show up in Excel completely – they load in Excel but you see a blank/incomplete screen.

So Excel 2013 loads the sheet ok but you don’t see the worksheet contents – sounds like you have the exact same issue we did at a few sites!!

You can do a simple “show/Hide” toggle on something like the FUNCTION area to refresh the screen and all seems OK – but if you open again you see the blank screen again!!!

Please do note that there are dozens of “reasons” for this and our solution may not work – if it does no then keep Goolgle-ing to find your solution!

We thought little of this but we have now seen this at two customer sites — so we don’t know WHY it happens — but Anthony thinks he knows how to FIX it —


Anthony says here’s how to fix this:

Open the offending Workbook in Excel by double clicking it in Explorer - 
.... once open (and blank!)
View -> New Window
Close original window (with blank cells)
Save new window (cells should already be visible)

If you still have issues then I can direct you to these other articles-- just Google search this    "open excel 2013 from explorer is blank"


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