My Favourite Tech (and other) Podcasts
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I’m on the road a lot, sometimes for hours a day, and my entertainment of choice are technical podcasts, with a few fun ones thrown in too!  It’s a great way to stay up to date with the latest technology while driving between customer sites.

To subscribe to any of these just search using your Podcast client’s search function  … they are all free.

Tech Podcasts

  • TWIT/Security Now – Steve Gibson of GRC (SpinRite) discusses security news for about 1/2 hour, then spends an hour on either a particular technical topic, usually networking or security related, or and hour on answering 12 listen-supplied questions. Steve’s a bit like Vegemite – you either love him or you hate him.
  • TWIT/FLOSS – Randal Schwartz and guests interview someone from the Open SOurce world each week – usually a maintainer or manager of an open source project. Some are very well known (FreeNAS, Asterisk, SugarCRM, MakerBOT) and some are very niche – anyone who’s an open source project programmer or maintainer is usually pretty interesting and the show is usually entertaining
  • Podnutz/Podnutz PRO – Lalo Nunez and Matt Rainey host —  Matt is a partner in an IT consultancy business concentrating on businesses clients from 10 to 150 users; he discusses a topic each week, and/or answers mailbag questions. He often tells tales of his “week in the trenches.”  This is now my favourite podcast; I deal with the same market sector as Matt, and recognise most issues discussed in this program –  there is always something interesting.  I am constantly having dejavu moments as Matt discusses the calamities his customers get into and his techniques for dealing with them  Seems to have stopped!
  • Podnutz network – the Podnutz network is aimed at computer repair techs and all the shows are interesting to me as a tech myself. Some deal with Linux, some with Android, and each week a computer repair tech or shop owner is part of the show discussing his/her tips, techniques and general tech chat.
  • Mike Tech Show – Mike Smith has been podcasting about his daily workaday life in IT management for a large multinational company for years, and answering listener questions.  For the past few months Mike has started his own IT Consultancy business and the show has gradually turned over more towards his experiences and findings as an IT Consultant to small businesses rather than as an IT guy in a large company. I prefer this new slant as Mike is doing a carbon copy of what I do each day — he’s entertaining and really goes the extra yards to produce a technically sound podcast.
  • Microsoft Channel 9/Defrag – Defrag is a Microsoft podcast dealing with various technical topics, usually Windows-related, each week. (
  • Run As Radio — Greg and Mike host this weekly show aimed suarely at IT Professionals  – each week they have a guest they interview about some topic – they often have big-name guests like Tony Redmond (Exchange Guru) or Mark Minasi. Too short at just 30 minutes this is a great show for any IT Pros. Topics usually revolve around Exchange, SQL, AD/DOmains and large-scale IT management
  • Risky Business – great weekly podcast tackling the enterprise IT security arena


Fun Podcasts

  • Dr Karl on Triple J – weekly podcast of the amazing weekly JJJ show featuring Doctor Karl answering all manner of questions from the general public
  • Dr Karl – BBC 5 – another weekly talk back show featuring the Living Australian Treasure Dr Karl
  • Naked Scientists – BBC 5 – Dr Chris Smith and other young science geeks in a talk back format – Dr Chris is set to take over from Dr Karl when Karl retires as the brainest brain on radio – I hate to admit it but the young Pom seems to have a bigger brain then Dr Karl!

Business / Documentary

  • Peter Day – BBC – Global Business is Peter Days weekly interview program on BBC Radio — Peter interviews a high-ranking business figure each week, from leading social entrepreneurs to COEs of cigarette companies or global banks, Peter knows the right questions to ask his guests.
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