Draytek ADSL Router – Switching to Bridge Mode (modem)
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I often have to switch DraytekADSL routers to bridge mode – either to test the ADSL functionality on my inhouse router or to setup at customer site as modem behind their routers

Each one seems to require slightly different settings or has slightlydifferent terminology – this page will serve as a reference to the bare minimum required configuration changes to convert various models

PLEASE NOTE – for security, I strongly advise you also turn off WIFI on any routers with wireless before you put them into bridge mode

PLEASE NOTE – if you wish to be able to check the router’s ADSL line status, sync speeds, uptimes or reconfigure it using the web interface I recommend assigning an IP address to the LAN interface that is outside your regular network — you can then easily connect a laptop to a spare LAN port the Draytek while it’s in bridge mode and access the user interface on that IP address  (hint: DHCP will still work on the Draytek if you leave it enabled on the LAN settings)   If you may need to access the Draytek remotely while it’s in bridge mode you may need to come up with a more advanced plan, such as using VLAN and tagged ports to allow access to one of it’s LAN ports from inside your regular network.




  • Reset device to Factory Defaults
  • Reset IP to “out-of-band” address – optional
  • Turn off WiFi – recommended
  • Set WAN | Internet Access | WAN1/ADSL as:
    1. Set Encap to LLC/SNAP
    2. Set Protocol to PPPoE
    3. Check the “PPPoE Pass-Through for WIRED LAN” checkbox
    4. Save and done
V2820-Bridge Mode

V2820 Bridge Mode Settings


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