Brother Laser “Toner Life End” Bypass HL-4040CN
This is my site Written by Grant on June 29, 2012 – 12:26 am

Today my Brother HL-4040CN laser displayed “Toner Life End” and flashed it’s LCD panel in a nasty red hue.

It’s been warning that C/M/Y cartridges have been getting low for some time – but now it refuses to print.

It’s just on  two years old but still has the “starter kit” toners installed. I have managed to get 1952 pages out of the starter kits.  But I am sure there’s some more life left in them, so here’s instructions on how to reset the page count for the toners so the printer starts using them again.

1 Open the front cover of the printer
2 press and hold the cancel button
3 press the reprint button while still holding cancel

Now showing is the Toner  reset menu – use the arrow keys scroll  to the appropriate cartridge on the menu and reset it and you’re done!   High capacity and Standard Capacity are listed individually so be careful to reset the correct one.

Pressing the “Back” then both “Go” button and the up arrow to display the parts life reset menu (drum, laser, fuser, etc.) if you need to reset these items

Note that some people have mentioned they needed to cover the transparent “windows” in the cartridges with opaque tape or otherwise block the windows — these may provide optical evidence of low toner — (**) I have not had to do this with my HL-4040CN but it may bear keeping in mind if your model is similar and the above reset trick somehow gets reversed — you may wish to try the old “tape over the holes” trick too!

** – PLEASE NOTE — after a few “reset” cycles I needed to cover the transparent “windows” on some of my cartridges – this happened 19-Apr-2014 at about 4500 pages — I was still on my “starter cartridges” set and the machine was complaining about the Yellow cartridge having gone into “End of Life” – I tried to reset it using the methods above but it would only print one page and then complain again about Yellow cartridge being “End of Life” — I placed a small 1cm x 1cm piece of black insulation tape over the small round clear plastic ‘window’ on the Yellow cartridge and it then allowed me to ‘reset’ it as per above — I figure that the “real” level of toner is now quite low, so I will keep an eye on the yellow output, however so far it still looks perfect – after over 4 years and half dozen “reset” cycles!

For the record, when my printer first went “critical” it’s stat’s were: :

Total Page Count: 1952
Colour Page Count: 1642
Mono Page Count: 310
Image COunt (C/M/Y/K): 1601/1589/1605/1916
Drum COunt:  1952

Remaining Life:
Drum : 15048; Belt: 45093; Fuser: 78048; Laser: 98048

When this set of toners has started to *really* run out and printing is bad I will make a note of the new page counts – it will be interesting to see how much more I can squeeze out of these colour carts.

The printer has been so well behaved, is really clean inside and has plenty of consumables like drum and fuser left;  I will likely replace all the carts with High Capacity 4,000pp carts. Even at my wholesale prices that will cost $550 for all 3 colours and $125 for the Black – combined over  twice the original cost of the printer at $299ex  – however I am confident I will get another 4 years and approx 4,000 pages out of it.

Also of note with this printer – recently it’s started to make a slight “knocking” sound — I noticed this at a customer site where a MFC-9840CDW (that has the same basic engine as my 4040CN) was making a really noticeable knocking sound – I laughed it off… but now mine has started this noise too, albeit very faintly and only after it’s cooling down after a job.


MFC-9840CDW – A client today let me know that pressing 3 and 9 on the 9840 gets you into the reset menu on that device. They were able to reset their Belt Unit counter. THey’ll keep an eye on quality and if it goes downhil rapidly they will still replace it.


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  1. Just a followup – it’s now 25 November 2012 and my 4040CN is still running on the original ‘starter cartridges’ just fine after resetting the counters back on June 29th.

    Heres the stats:
    Total Page Count : 2540
    Color Page Count : 2184
    Monochrome Page Count : 356
    Image Count (C/M/Y/K): 2133 / 2123 / 2145 / 2482
    Drum Count: 2540

    Remaining Life:
    Drum 11460 / Belt 43576 / Fuser 77460 / Laser 97460

  2. That’s a lot more pages! Makes me want to put in some of my older TN580 carts for my 8460n and see what I can squeeze out of them. :o

  3. And it’s still going strong ! I will have to update the blog post with the latest stats :)

  4. Another followup – now 2nd March 2014 and my 4040CN is still running on the original ‘starter cartridges’ just fine after originally resetting the counters back on June 29th 2012.

    I have had to perform a DRUM RESET during this period as well as a few more TONER resets – no major issues besides a bit of toner leak from time to time, and the mild smudging as a result of that. Generally the output is clear

    Heres the stats:
    Total Page Count : 4111
    Color Page Count : 3631
    Monochrome Page Count : 480
    Image Count (C/M/Y/K): 3539 / 3520 / 3575 / 4026
    Drum Count: 4111

    Remaining Life:
    Drum 12889 / Belt 39522 / Fuser 75889 / Laser 95889

  5. For Your Information
    I purchased a set of four Toner cartridges of BROTHER TN115 (Black Cyan Yellow and Magenta) on eBay from [name-removed] for only $56.98. They have sold some 49675 items, and have a 99.3% Positive Feedback. I have also purchased toner cartridges for my Samsung mono laser printer. I have not had any problems with any items I have purchased from this seller.

  6. Just a word of caution — At that price they are probably ‘compatible’ or ‘refilled’ toners — personally I never use non-genuine toners – they are never calibrated for the particular brand of printer so the colours are never perfect, they usually leak and cause mess or damage and they void the device warranty — I’ve seen too many clients ruin a perfect device by accidentally buying non-genuine toners or cartridges

  7. Just an update – 19-Apr-2014

    My initial “starter cartridges” counters are now:

    Total Page Count : 4498
    Color Page Count : 3997
    Monochrome Page Count : 501
    Image Count (C/M/Y/K): 3901 / 3876 / 3936 / 4406
    Drum Count: 4498

    Remaining Life:
    Drum 12502 / Belt 38278 / Fuser 75502 / Laser 95502

  8. FINAL update – 23/March/2015

    My poor old HL-4040CN has finally died – well it’s still working but it’s leaking toner badly and the engine is making really bad groaning noises – it’s cheaper for me to buy a new HL-L8250CDN than buy new toners – so thats what I have done. Before I commission the new printer, here’s my final stats on the HL-4040CN – remember these are the original starter cartridges still!!

    My initial “starter cartridges” counters are now:

    Total Page Count : 5489
    Color Page Count : 4848
    Monochrome Page Count : 641
    Image Count (C/M/Y/K): 4747 / 4716 / 4787 / 5381
    Drum Count: 5489

    Remaining Life:
    Drum 11511 / Belt 35799 / Fuser 74511 / Laser 94511

    RIP the 4040!

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