Folder Redirection issues after Renaming User
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This week I had to rename a user – actually I didn’t but my customer did. The performed the rename after this user had been using their workstation for a few days — The user could no longer login so the customer called me – I completed the user rename and isntructed the client top login as ADMIN and delete the old profile from the C:\Users folder — so while the user could now login they were continually given a “temp” profile. In this instance we had renamed their %username% login name — and the key to this issue is that the user had previously been logged into this Win7 machine with a different %username% hence giving the errors. Read on…..

Event IDs were 1533 1515 and 1511

Event ID 1511 gives the story:

Windows cannot find the local profile and is logging 
you on with a temporary profile.

OK – read it closely (which I didn’t for about 1 hour while I floundered looking at permissions, server shares, etc!) — “Cannot find the LOCAL profile”

What does it mean “LOCAL PROFILE” when this is a new virgin user?  My bad — I had deleted the old profile using Windows Explorer not the “Computer Properties | Advanced | Profiles” applet …. hence the system is looking for C:\users\<old-profile-name> – this is now a wrong path, or in my case, completely deleted!

You need to go to REGEDIT and find the user profile in the registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

Find the corresponding profile and check the path – you will see it as it’s still referencing the old “pre-renamed” path – just delete it.

Now login as the new renamed user and you are good to go. System will now have no knowledge of existing login (profile path)  and will create a fresh new blank profile.

Moral: when deleting old profiles also delete the corresponding REGISTRY key — or use the proper “Computer Properties | Advanced | Users ” applet  to delete profiles …..


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