Remote Desktop Connection Management tool
This is my site Written by Grant on April 12, 2011 – 5:24 pm

I constantly have a handful of RDP sessions open at all times – whether it’s to one of my dozen internal servers or to one of the servers at each of my most important customers — up until now I have always relied on the “START | RUN | MSTSC /v:ip /admin” to launch the ‘regular’ RDP session but this list gets FIFOed out and is not really the best way to perform this taks. I was going to get organised and create a START-MENU folder containing all my regular RDP sessions .RPD icons until today when I stumbled upon this gem: Microsoft Remote Desktop Management Tool

This little beauty lets you create and save groups of servers and make it easy to seed it with a text file of all your server names, IPs etc and to change things like passwords, screen resolutions etc in batches. Plus you can save the whole layout and easily load it back in on another PC or profile.

If you are like me and regularly use RDP to manage internal or customer systems, you really need this amazing tool.  The only thing it’s missing is a facility to launch a PPTP VPN session before launching the RDP session — that would be amazingly useful to us techs that maintain systems outside our own IP network.

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