Increase/Decrease SBS POP3 Connector Interval
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SBS 2003

SBS 2003 includes the POP3 connector to help retrieve mail from legacy mailboxes during transition to SBS from tradition Workgrop/POP3 scenario, or in situations where your clients dont run their own mail directly Рsuch as Real Estate offices who have the main domain controlled by the franchise corporate IT.

While the POP3 connector is extremely useful and reliable one limitation is the fixed 15¬† minute ‘minimum’ check period. The following registry hack allows you to reduce this limit

In most circumatances you will wish to reduce the interval to 10 or 5 minutes – dont go any lower or you will risk POP3 events overlapping and the mailbox owner’s IDS may trigger an ‘abuse’¬† 5 mins should be fine for most circumstances.

I add the key described below and set it to 3 for a 5 minute interval. For a 10 minute interval set it to 2

The formula is the time defined in POP3 connector divided by the value of ScheduleAccelerator key

Modify/ADD: “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SmallBusinessServer\Network\POP3 Connector\ScheduleAccelerator” – it’s a REG_DWORD.

This is a divisor value for the POP3 connector.

Set it to 3 (and 15m in the connector’s gui), and you get a 5-minute interval (15/3=5).

SBS 2008/2011

In SBS 2008/2011 you can now execute this command at any frequency you wish to download mail – eg ?using Task Scheduler:

%programfiles%\Windows Small Business Server\Bin\
        POP3Connector.exe -downloadNow
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  1. In SBS 2011 this key in not present in the registry. Do you know if it still exists and where it should be?

  2. In SBS 2008/2011 there is a new command line option added to the POP3Connector.EXE program called


    Pop3Connector.exe lives in “%programfiles%\Windows Small Business Server\Bin”

    So you can now execute POP3Connector.exe -downloadNow as often as you like – eg using Task Scheduler set a schedule every 5 minutes

  3. How can i use it with SBS2011?

  4. Thanks for posting.

    So its clear for others – this doesnt apply to SBS after 2003.

    SBS 2008/2011 already has the ability to set down to 5 minute frequency in the GUI. Only if you want more frequently would you need to schedule the download with Task Scheduler (and disable a schedule in the GUI).

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