Manually Removing WSUS 3.0
This is my site Written by Grant on November 24, 2010 – 11:28 pm

If you find your WSUS 3.0 gets corrupted you may need to uninstall and reinstall it. I have noticed that depending on the corruption it may not be as easy to do this as first it looks

The following steps have helped me manually strip WSUS 3.0 (inclsp1 and sp2 updates) from the system when simple Add/Remove Programs wont work.

1. Download the SDK to obtain MSIZAP

2. From a command prompt, type:

3. From a command prompt, type: sc delete wsusservice

4. Again, From a command prompt, type:

5. From a command prompt, type: iisreset

6. Run the following command to delete Windows Internal Database:

msiexec /x {CEB5780F-1A70-44A9-850F-DE6C4F6AA8FB} callerid=ocsetup.exe

7. Open IIS manager, delete all WSUS related virtual directories:


8. Delete WSUS folder C:\Program Files\Update Services

Some other hints:

  • you may want to try uninstalling the “Windows Internal Database” from Add/Remove Programs first – I always to this as well
  • you may leave your WSUS main content/download folder intact – during the reinstall make sure you point WSUS to the right folder for your content – this saves downloading GBs of updates again
  • I found when deleting the “Program Files” folder some DLLs were in use – I just ignored and the WSUS reinstallation went through fine, even wihtout a reboot
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  1. We were running out of space on our partitioned drive C (OS) and E (Data). The easiest fix was to move all the data to a new drive and call this E, resize the old drive to give the maximum space to the OS. Two things went wrong. The first was some of the user permissions were wrong (easy fix) and should have relly migrated them properly using the wizard. The second and more serious was the corruption of the WSUS database connection. The above answer has been the only solution that worked for us. Bear in mind that when “command prompt” is mentioned it does mean “CMD Shell” in the SDK program list. We followed this procedure and were able to install Windows Server Update Services 3 with no problems.
    Mnany thanks for the olny fix that worked for us.

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