RAS Server gives out wrong local IP address
This is my site Written by Grant on October 13, 2010 – 12:38 am

This issue can cause a RAS server with static IP address to be resolved as another address – if the server is a domain controller this may cause authentication problems, especially errors on Terminal Server logins which results in errors”RPC Server Unavailable” or “Invalid network address”


For example, the DC is also an AD, DHCP and DNS server. It’s IP address is static as  When a RAS VPN client dials in they are assigned an address from the RAS pool of — some workstations now incorrectly resolve the server as not  – this can break some networking services that are bound to one IP address (  – esp Active Diectiory.

You can control which IP is used for DNS resolution by the LAN clients:

Open the DNS management console on the Server | right click on the server name and choose properties | under the interface tab select “only the following IP addresses” and select the LAN adapter’s IP for the SBS.

It is also recommended to verify binfings: go to “network connections” | on the menu bar choose advanced | advanced settings | adapters and bindings | make sure that “local area connection” (or the correct LAN adapter) is at the top of the binding order.

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