Easy App Install + Offline WSUS Updates
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Tip 1: Fast app install with

If you are like me you often have a set of tools you install on every PC.  I have – Adobe Reader, iTunes/QuickTime, CutePDF, RealVNC, Putty, WinSCP, Java…….    Sometimes I install a few PC’s a week and having to download all these apps individually is a pain.  Normally if I’m at home I have a network share with all the latest installers on it, but if I’m onsite I just go to

At you select all the programs you want to install and just download one stub .exe file – run that stub and it downloads all the installers and queues them all up for installation. It also installs them all *WITHOUT* Google/Ask toolbars and other crap. They even install MS Office so I just need to punch in the customers CDKEY and they are off and running.  It’s even smart enough to detect when other apps are installing and it’ll retry in a few minutes.  For regular users you can get their PRO version that bundles up the installers too!

Tip 2 – Offline WSUS Updates (WSUS from DVD)

After working on a customer PC I always like to refresh all the Windows Updates – If I’m at home thats simple – I just change  the customers PC’s group policy to temporarily point to my WSUS Server for Windows Updates , and run “wuauclt /detectnow” a half-dozen times.

But if I’m onsite, and they dont have WSUS, I pull out my latest c’tupdate disk – or “WSUSS Offline” as it’s now called.

This amazing utility lets you build up a file share/DVD with all the latest Windows Updates on it. All the 32bit updates fit on one DVD and all the 64bit updates fit on another DVD, so you end up with two DVDs containing all the WSUS content.  To install, you just insert the appropriate DVD which autoruns, prompts you for a few options, starts updating and reboots and keeps running untill all updates are installed. 

I refresh my DVD’s each month so I always have the latest content — plus, if you run WSUS in your home/office,  you can use your own WSUS to seed the updates to c’tupdate, further reducing the need to download updates twice.

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