Configure IMAP (and POP3) on SBS 2003
This is my site Written by Grant on August 24, 2010 – 12:44 pm

Basic steps to setup IMAP (or POP3) on SBS 2003 Network – useful for accessing from mobile devices.

1. Ensure IMAP/POP3 service is configured for the user(s) in Active Directory who will require IMAP service
2. Set IMAP/POP3 service to start automatically, and start it initially
3. Setup port forward mapping on router to forward IMAP/POP3 TCP port to server
4. NB at this stage all email accounts set for IMAP in active directory are accessible via the internet so make sure all users with IMAP/POP3 set to ON have strong passwords. Disable IMAP/POP3 for any users that wont need this service
5. Setup your mobile device for IMAP using the following two settings:

SMTP (OUTGOING) SERVER: whatever your 3G data carrier specifies

A handy link to find Australian 3G carriers mail servers is:

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