DNS Order wrong when connected to VPN using Windows 7
This is my site Written by Grant on August 9, 2010 – 12:34 am

Problem – When connected to a VPN using Windows 7 my DNS resolution uses the remote network’s DNS servers not my local DNS servers; I then gradually lose connection to local resources including Exchange, File shares, DFS etc..

What I do is for any PPTP connections is I set “OBTAIN IP ADDRESS AUTOMATICALLY” as normal, *BUT* I MANUALLY define the DNS Servers to be my local one(s). This way all DNS resolution is via my own DNS servers and not the VPN ones. My local LAN resources are all still available and active even with a few VPN connections up.

The only issue is I cannot resolve VPN-related hostnames, but that is rarely an issue as I tend to use IP addresses for starting up remote RDP/VNC sessions¬†etc.¬† If I really need to find out a remote computer’s IP address I can always use “NSLOOKUP – remote-dns-server-IP” or I will often have the remote site’s AD server up in a console so I can do a quick ping on that console to determine remote IP’s as required.

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