Exchange – OWA – Error 404 on SOME users
This is my site Written by Grant on May 22, 2010 – 12:56 pm

When providing OWA to numerous sub-domains I always hit this gotcha – you setup a user in an OU and setup their email eddresses and all — but when they hit OWA it’s a 404 — it’s often because you have not added an alias for the *default* Exchange Domain to the user’s “Email Addresses” list ..  Each user must have an email alias in the default email domain  – even if they will never use it.

From searches here are soem results that explain it more fully:

Some users get error 404 – File Not Found when accessing Outlook Web Access – test users are fine though.  This is usually because the failing user’s profile does not have a suitable SMTP address in the main domain – eg domain is and user has email address — so add alias and problem solved

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