Sophos – Force Rebuild of CIDs and Warehouse
This is my site Written by Grant on October 16, 2012 – 7:16 pm


If you get issues with updates not being processed due to errors you may have corrupt updates or partially ‘processed’ updates. A typical  error might be :

Event Log, Applications; Event ID 16443:

Product release 'C311B965-1C90-432f-9437-63875BA878F7' could not be updated 
because the synchronize operation has failed due to an earlier error.

I have found that you can force the Sophos Update Manager to re-download the entire WAREHOUSE folder structure and recreate the CIDs – this has been successful for me many times


Stop the Sophos Update Manager service

Rename Warehouse, CIDs and Working from the C:\Program Data\Sophos\Update Manager folder line – this folder may change depending on your OS versions

In the C:\Program Files (x86)\Sophos\SCC\SUM  (For Small Business Edition SCC  — may be different on SEC/SEM) rename the SUM_Status.xml? and specialactions.xml? files

Restart the Sophos Update Manager service

Kick off an update in the Sophos Control Center or Enterprise Manager – watch as the Warehouse folder populates, it will take some time as it will be a few hundred megabytes.  Eventually it should recreate the Warehouse fully and recreate the CIDs structure too.

If all is OK you can delete the folders you renamed above (I rename them for safety instead of deleting them first, that way I can go back easily  if I need to without having to rely on Shadow Copies or backups)


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