Running HP Recovery CD Creator more than once
This is my site Written by Grant on May 30, 2012 – 11:08 pm

HP Recovery CD Creator limits you to creating one set of media.

Depending on the age and model of the machine there are two different ways to reset this counter and let you run the procedure again.


1: Look for any HPCD.SYS files – commonly in the WINDOWS\SMINST or PROGRAM FILES\SMINST or on the recovery partition somewhere (D:) – delete or rename any found

2: Look for hpdrcu.prc files – commonly in a few places – you need to delete/rename the file in each place — try C:\programdata\HP[HewlettPackard]\recovery, and c:\all user\HP\recovery  and D:\ and maybe  C:\username\desktop

Remember – turn on display for System and HIdden files when looking /searching. I find it easiest to fire up WINRAR and use it’s interface to browse and delete these files – somehow WINRAR can see files Explorer just cannot. And remeber to run the HP Recovery CD Creator in ADMINISTRATOR mode.


I have tested this on HP Pro 3300



Had a few recent HP Laptops (HP 250, 450, 650 models) – these use a different way to reset the “HP Recovery Disc Creator” count back to zero:

Delete the file RMCStatus.bin (hidden file!) from two places:

  • C:\Program Files(x86)\Hewlett-Packard\Recovery Manager\
  • The root of a drive D:\ (RECOVERY partition)

 2) Remove Rebecca.dat (hidden file!) from:

  • C:\Windows\System32\


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  1. Hello do you have a recovery discs for hp pro 3300 series mt
    I really need one thanks

  2. I always keep one set of Recovery media for each model of HP I deal with as my customers always lose them, or I forget to ask for them when collecting a PC to take offsite for service work! However posting them for others to download is likely to be a violation of copyright or similar – for what it’s worth when I have needed HP recovery media for a particular model I never found any online repositories – ftp, torrent, usenet or similar so they aren’t easy to come by . Finding DELL Recovery CDs is comparatively easy.

    I do know one website that sells HP CDs for $30 Euros or similar however I’m not going to promote them — if you search you will come across this webpage – buy at your own risk :)

    Conversely finding DELL workstation or laptop Recovery media online is a cakewalk

  3. Hello I’m always looking for a recovery disc hp pro 3300. I do not want to download, I want to buy it.

  4. You could try HP in your local area – they may be able to sell you replacement disk kits.

    Failing that, if you have access to a working 3300 maybe it has a Recovery Disk Builder application installed which will create the necessary ISO files or bootable USB stick

    As a last resort when I’m I’m replacing a failed disk in a HP workstation of which I don’t have access to proper recovery media, and the original disk PC wont boot into Windows to allow me to create a Recovery Disk set, I have had luck duplicating the original (failed) disk over to the replacement disk, ignoring the bad sectors in the data and OS partitions, but managing to get a 100% error free copy of the “Recovery Partition” copied across to the new disk — I can then boot the PC off the Recovery Partition on the new HDD and use that to re-install the factory OS back onto the new disk. Has worked a few times, and usually the recovery partition is intact even if the main OS partition is badly damaged – if the OS partition is really badly damaged you may need to ‘exclude’ it form the duplication to new disk – or use the disk imaging programs “skip bad sectors” feature to allow the imaging to proceed to completion

  5. If i run recovery disc creation one more time. Will it create discs that will restore my computer back to factory condition or will it include all the updates from the last few years?

  6. It will just create the original “Factory Recovery/Restore Disc” set – Booting this disc set will erase everything and recover PC back to Out of Box (factory fresh) state – no recent updates or data or applications — SOME Recovery CD systems will allow you to recover to a point in time backup or snapshot after the factory image is put back down (eg some HP corporate desktops) however you will need to have recently made a ‘backup’ or ‘snapshot’ to recover from in this case.

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