SkyDrive – 25gb free online ‘cloud storage’
This is my site Written by Grant on June 5, 2010 – 1:47 pm

Wanting some online storage system to hold my digital camera pics offsite, I have researched various online stoarge systems. Many offer free unlimited storage and uploads, however they charge you to download.   Some, like Carbonite, wont backup network files and as I have a domain network and “My Documents” is a redirected folder Carbinte sees this as being a “network” folder; I would have to buy their more expensive 10-user “business edition” to allow syncingmy photos stored

With these limitations in mind I a started to swing towards a general purpose “cloud sotrage” system without limitations — I had been toying with the idea of getting an Amazon S3 account for some time now, however I heard mention that Microsoft had increased it’s SkyDrive storage from 5GB to 25GB while still keeping the system free. 

I signed into my Windows Live account and easily navigated to the SkyDrive page – indeed it showed 24.99GB free space.  The only limitation is the interface for uploading/downloading only permits one file at a time – there is supposed to be some webdav access however I didn’t ave to to investigate this.

A product called Gladinet was mentioned in a podcast (My Hard Drive Died)  so I researched that – it’s about $50 and lets you mount your SKyDrive as a drive letter; great for using with robocopy, synctoy or probably any other backup/imaging program that can write to a drive letter.

Another product called SDExplorer Pro offers similar access to your SkyDrive.  More importantly to me they had a free version that simply mounts your SkyDrive inside Windows Explorer — perfect for me to just drag and drop my main photos folders into – it uploads all the subfolders in the background.

I will do some more research on client-side utilities; I hope to find one that allows mounting as drive letter and also the ability to share the mount so I can access it via UNC from other machines — this would offer total freedom to use the service from any machine.


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